Secret Controls For Your DJI Drones

Unlock the secret features in your DJI Spark & DJI Mavic Air, The "Course Lock" & "Home Lock”. Essential for beginners & even for advanced pilots.

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The most wanted features in all drones:
The "Course Lock" & "Home Lock"

The other drones manufacturers call it "Headless Mode". It allows new pilots to control the input of a drone. They can set and handle the orientation of the drone without changing its direction. No matter where your drone’s front side is pointing, moving the stick forward will always make the drone go forward in your current point of view.

For kids & even adults who use drones for fun, flying a drone with Course Lock feature is the best option they can have. This feature minimises the chances of a drone crashing thus less damage. Entry-level drones (such as DJI Spark & DJI Mavic Air) are the ones which most require the Course Lock & Home Lock mode.


Course Lock

Any forward input will bring it towards the current heading & any reverse input will bring it away from that heading. No matter where the drone is facing after that.

Home Lock

Allows the drone to face any direction, pulling back on the stick will always move it towards the home point.


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